Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's some nice freestyles from some dudes you may not know of, but should get familiar with. These came out during the warmer months as part of Vimby's freestyle thing they did in which they got some of the sickest emcees that are set to blow. The 1st one is Dom Kennedy out of Lemeirt Park in Los Angeles. Dude can flow and is part of that whole LA movement along with Pac Div, U-N-I, and the FCC. If you haven't listened to Dom's 25th Hour mixtape then you should change that asap. The last guy rhyming is Diz Gibran who runs with the same crew/movement or whatever you want to call it. Dizzy is a monster and he's rapidly getting the shine his talent deserves as the buzz around the LA rap scene continues to grow. Both make good music so check em out!

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